Multi-Dimensional Self Care - GINA SWIRE

What do YOU really need?

This week in the Self Love Sisterhood we are talking about multi- dimensional-self-care. This is the next level from making yourself go to the gym every day, gobbling down numerous green juices and committing to an hour of meditation.

Usually, I see women struggle to do all this because it’s not actually what they NEED or WANT to do, they just feel they ‘should’ be doing it all. And when we feel like we’ve failed – well then it all goes spiraling out of control and the next thing we are feeling like a victim, chugging a bottle of wine and reaching for the brownies. (Probably most of us have been there)
Obviously, healthy habits help. I am a big advocate of them. However, I am more of an advocate of listening to what your body and soul REALLY needs? Then giving it to yourself. This is actually the biggest act of SELF-LOVE. You will start to feel more EMPOWERED and FULFILLED.

Sometimes we need to give ourselves a break or eat some serious soul food, or the best self-care is skipping that yoga class and spending time with the family.

 If you are reading this thinking I need a boost of Self Love check out these Multi-dimensional Treat Days which I am now doing in England. You can split it between a few of you too if you like 😉
By the way, yesterday I met up with my two friends who are both amazing Yoga teachers and we talked about how at times we don’t practice Yoga at all. Shock horror!!!!!!  haha of course not. Well, not the spiritual gymnastics part of Yoga anyway. Sometimes we need a break and do other things. Hashtag human!
When we were away in America in September (Eric, my partner and I), did all the things we can’t (or don’t) do in Bali. Like go to mega music gigs, drink wine from local vineyards, shop for vintage clothes and hike up mountains. (Ok we can hike in Bali hehe but it different and sweaty)  I didn’t actually do yoga once! In Bali, I go to classes most days. Do you see what I mean? It’s giving you what you need, yes for your body and health, but also for your soul.
  • I AM NOT saying give up all your traditional self-care and become a lazy, greedy, slob ha. No no no. This is not multi-dimensional-self-care. Your body will soon start asking for veggies, affirmations, and yoga, or worse still getting sick. You must listen carefully, and give yourself what you REALLY need.
  • I AM saying give up on feeling bad for not doing what you commit to doing and listen to what you reallllllly need and want. Makes for a much happier and healthier life.
  • I AM saying check in with yourself and ask yourself what you really really need. It will change every day (or every hour if you are like me!)
Let me know in the comments if you do this already. Or if you think you could give it a go!!

Gina xxxx

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