It's time to stop limiting yourself... - GINA SWIRE

Have you ever said this to yourself?

✨ I’m not good enough
✨ I’m not worthy
✨ I’m too messed up to ever fully heal my relationship with myself
✨ I’m not smart enough
✨ I’m not beautiful enough
✨ It works for other people but it won’t work for me
✨ I’m more f*#ked up than you/her/them
✨ I don’t have enough knowledge to do what I really want to do
✨ I’m not lovable
✨it’s too late for me to change


What you tell yourself becomes your reality….

Does the above sound familiar? I 100% used to think some of this utter tripe!

Ever heard that phrase ‘whether you think you can or you can’t, you are probably right’  These are called limiting beliefs. It’s possible to change these restricting thought patterns. This is part of what I help women to do.

I don’t think any of us consciously want to think this way. But subconsciously at some stage these limiting thoughts have a purpose. Any ideas what the purpose is? By understanding why we create these patterns in the first place it is sometimes enough to shift them.

By making these changes it impacts every relationship, every job, every decision, every choice, every meal, every workout, every day in a positive way.

This is what I do….

Want to break free and tweak your thought patterns so that positivity is your new default? 

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Everything you want is on the other side of fear