Group Coaching Package - GINA SWIRE

Self Love Sisterhood

Are you craving a deep support system of likeminded ladies?

I’m so excited to be sharing this with you again for the third time. Self-Love Sisterhood Workshop is back due to massive life transformations in the past two groups and is one of my favourite and most powerful ways to work with you all.

As women have been gathering in circles such as this for centuries, to learn and share. It’s almost completely forgotten in the western world. Yet there is sooooo much to be gained from gathering in this way.

Everybody looks forward to the live calls and all the bonus tasks. We all learn so much from each other. Me included! Each session I share one vital big lesson or concept which are proven to work. They all build up to complete, unquestionable self love and acceptance. There is lots of other mini lessons too, in fact the group is packed full of information, given in bitesized chunks so its easy to follow. Its very fun however this is a deep dive into the ‘why’ and ‘what’ has been preventing you from flourishing into the empowered, happy and centered woman you came her to be.

We create magic in these circles!

We Will:

  • Deep dive into the land of ULTIMATE LIFE PURPOSE
  • Take the full Self Love transformation.
  • Unravel your past, identify blockages and work through them together.
  • Be in an intimate group of likeminded women. Pervious groups have all made and kept amazing friendships and bonds.
  • Identify what doesn’t serve you anymore in your life and work towards minimising these people/places/habits/thoughts so that you have plenty of capacity to expand yourself in a positive way.
  • Laugh. A lot. We all look forward to these calls and everybody feels lighter, extremely motivated and more clear on life after them.
  • Address your current relationship with your body and why we have the beliefs that we do have. So that body loving becomes your new default.
  • Build a firm foundation (relationship to self) so that you can build on all other current relationships or manifest the most aligned loving relationships of your life.
  • Go on a journey to become a completely upleveled version of your current self, so that you can show up as mum, sister, friend, partner, daughter that you came here to be.
  • Learn pro tips and processes so that you can manifest exactly what you desire into your life.
  • Create powerful miracle messages, a vision board and start ticking things off!
  • Awaken all aspects of your being that have been suppressed and that you can express yourself fully in a loving way
  • Free up so much energy that may have previously been taken up by negative self talk/thoughts so that you can have a purposeful, pleasure filled and passionate life.
  • Find or rather remember SELF LOVE

Join the sisterhood and you will not regret the journey of self love Gina teaches.

Alison Dale

Meeting Gina changed my life, I would have never have achieved what I have done in the last 6 months without finding inner peace first. She’s a wonderful role model and got big sister vibes. It’s evident she absolutely loves her work, she will devote her time abundantly to help you.

Lily Hartley

Gina is amazing! She’s an incredibly kind person with a huge heart and she’s a truly gifted coach. She somehow knows what’s going on with you before you open your mouth…

Camille Holden

The programme includes:

  • 6 x 1.5hr group video calls on zoom 
  • 1 x private 1-1 coaching session with Gina worth £280 (1hr 15mins)
  • Deeply transformative homework to complete
  • Access to ‘Manifesting Self Love’ my 4 week online program to work through at your own pace. Worth £216
  • You will be invited into our private share space on Facebook where we can discuss, share, inspire, support and share resources.
  • You may receive spontaneous meditations/visualisations and messages as and when they come through.
  • Discount and first option on all up and coming retreats and events.
  • A new network of likeminded sisters on this journey together
  • A few surprises!

There is nothing stronger than Sisterhood!

Starting 30th June 2018 – Spaces are limited!

Book before Friday at midnight and you could win a 1-1 with me worth £280!

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Gina x