Why I don't have 'thinspiration' pictures stuck to my fridge anymore! - GINA SWIRE

When I was a teenager I used to have this exact picture of beautiful Kelly Brook stuck to my fridge to remind me that if I ate anything ‘bad’ I wouldn’t ever look like this. What on earth was I thinking!!!

This suddenly occurred to me the other day when somebody took a picture of me walking out of the sea. I sat on the beach, and brought to the front of my mind my old mindset. I would either see the picture and think, oh no I mustn’t eat anything out of the fridge and go and sit back down feeling hungry and utterly rubbish for not having a good enough body. Or more often than not I would override the intention of the picture and, with guilt, eat everything in the fridge.

Feast of famine.

Either way I would feel bad. I’d probably read it somewhere in a gossip magazine – that that was a good weight loss tip. Probably where i’d cut the picture out in the first place.

Lessons learned since then:

? We will never ever look like anyone else other than ourselves. So we might as well ACCEPT IT ALL and love ourselves as we are. This doesn’t mean we can’t be working on ourselves. It’s a paradox. Acceptance doesn’t mean we can never change ourselves. Change is a part of life but we can love ourselves and change. LOVE TRUMPS HATE.


? If we focus on the foods and drinks make us truly feel fantastic then we can eat exactly what we want and flourish. If you think cheese boards and sunday dinners make you feel great, try eating them for a week and observe your thoughts and body. Or better still try adding a litre of green juice into your diet for a week and observe.

Natural, fresh, vibrant, colourful foods make us feel all the higher vibrations. Happy, light, energetic, vibrant.

TIP: Ask yourself after you’ve eaten. How do I feel? If you could run a marathon or dance all night you probably ate something that works well for your body. If you could just take a nap or feel heavy and bloated, maybe it’s time to re-evaluate. How do you want to feel?

REMEMBER: Some foods nourish your body and some foods nourish your soul. For example I like to eat mostly plants, focusing on more protein and healthy fats and reducing sugar and refined carbs, as this makes me personally feel amazing.


If there is a slice of delicious, rich, chocolate cake going around for someone’s birthday, it would nourish my soul to have it, celebrate, enjoy every mouthful and truly own it. Its not bad for you, unless you say it is! (or you are eating excessive amounts of it) Maybe it’s not gluten free, sugar free, dairy free.. In the past I would have restricted myself and then thought about it all day until I finally crack and eat twice as much as I would have at the time. This is my life and I choose my PERSONAL HEALTHY BALANCE and freedom. What’s your personal healthy balance?

?By focusing on our ‘bad’ points we are helping them stay put. As the #lawsofattraction say, whatever we focus on we give power to. For example break out in pimples (normal for most people at some stage in life), you can either tell everyone in the room that you’ve got spots and keep trying to cover them up with makeup and touching them. Or you can just focus on having a great time and know that beauty comes from within. Which do you think will help the spots clear up quicker? Yes correct, the latter. Same with breast shape, excess weight or cellulite.

Side note. My ‘problem area’ growing up was top of my legs, where I hold my weight and have cellulite. This tiny zone would ruin the look of all my outfits (so I believed) and would make pool parties hell. Well let me tell you when I ask my boyfriend which part of my body he likes best. Guess what he says! Typical.


“Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change”

– Wayne Dyer.  


?Never make yourself feel bad for what IS. Whats the point? Your body is your body. Its your choice how you see yourself. If I see myself as anything less than amazing I am doing myself a HUGE DISSERVICE and this usually, for me at least, encourages over eating or mindless choices. The exact opposite to what I was trying to achieve. Doh


?Our bodies change constantly. Throughout the day/month/year and for the whole of our lives. Pregnancy, season’s, workload, the chances are we are going to look slimmer, more toned, less saggy now than in 50 years!

I’m going to try to prove myself wrong here. Who’s with me? Time to start adoring our magical machines or our ‘earthsuits’ now!!

? Food is not ‘good’ or ‘bad’ food is just molecules. Some more bio available than others, yes. But seriously what you eat is not a value of your moral character! So if you catch yourself saying certain foods are naughty, or saying you’ve been good all week and then at weekend you blew it and ate the wrong things. You are actually programming yourself and your food to not serve you well. Words hold strong intentions and the mind is very powerful.


?If I did, one day, miraculously look like Kelly, it wouldn’t make anyone love me anymore. It wouldn’t make the emptiness, the unfulfilled feeling that I used to have go away. There’s only one way to do that.. 12 Step self love transformation 😉


Recently i’ve been very busy with the launch of ginaswire.com. Which left my mindful eating a bit bonkers. When this happens, I remind myself to come back to HOW I WANT TO FEEL which for me is: light, free, calm and energetic. I know what to eat, how to think and how to move to achieve this. Do you?

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