About Gina Swire Self-Love Expert, Mentor & Speaker

I’m Gina Swire,

Self-Love mentor &

Manifesting Queen

Like most women, my relationship with myself has always been a bit complicated.

I’ve never quite fit in anywhere, and neither has my body.

I got my first modeling job at age 17. My curves were right on the cusp of “too much” for the gigs I got, and I went to every single job in fear that nothing would fit me. And in fact, sometimes it didn’t, and I would be sent home, tail between my legs, crying hot tears of humiliation. This went on for years.

Then the recession hit, and plus-sized modeling became a big thing…and so did I. When I signed with an agency in London, they told me I was the smallest they would take, and if I wanted bigger jobs, I’d need a bigger body.

But with every pound I gained, I felt less and less healthy.

 Yet, people continuously told me to keep growing and that I was “too thin” to be a real plus-sized model. I was stuck between two worlds. In one ear, I heard the voice of the media, my friends at school and my wonderful Mum, who’d spent all her life yo-yo dieting in the quest for the perfect body, and in the other, the voice of the editors, photographers and fashion elite who paid my salary urging me to expand.

The voice I couldn’t hear?

My own.

Modelling gave me the freedom to see the world, meet different people and experience new cultures, but even with all the glitz and the glamour, I still wasn’t happy — and I felt bad for feeling guilty about it.

While my life looked like a fairytale on the outside, inside I felt trapped. I was locked in a vicious cycle of partying 6 days a week, binge eating to numb the pain, and looking for a glimpse of love from every man who caught my eye.


And thinking a man was going to come along and miraculously I would feel love, when inside I had none for myself?? That was a losing game

With each failed relationship that couldn’t give me the love I so desperately craved, I tried to be better. More. Different. Unsurprisingly, it didn’t work. I hadn’t yet cracked the code on loving myself. How could I expect anyone else to be able to love me?

After living like this for 12 years, I decided something needed to change, and fast.

I started taking a nutrition course to get a handle on how to heal the crummy way my body felt after being misused and abused for so many years. It turned out to be nothing like I expected — and exactly what I needed.


Instead of solely focusing on nutrition like I’d hoped, the program was broken down into 3 pieces: ⅓ personal development (uh, what?), ⅓ business (like I had time for that), and ⅓ health (this, I was up for!).

Once I finished it, I felt so empowered, I quit modeling for good…in the middle of my biggest job ever. You may have noticed that when I do things, I do them all in!

While I packed up my bags and headed home, I decided it was the perfect time to take a pilgrimage into myself too. On that flight back to England, none of my electronics worked. Hello, sign from the universe! It was the perfect moment for me to put pen to paper and redesign my life from the bottom up.

I’d recently discovered the amazing magic of manifesting. So, I wrote down everything I desired for myself, from the house I wanted to live in to the car I wanted to drive, from the space to heal my body to the peace I wished for my mind, and within 3 months, I had it all.

For every bit I added to my life, I gave something else up: sex, men, meat, alcohol, modeling, partying, binge eating, even earning money. If it wasn’t helping me love myself better, I didn’t want any part of it!

My friends thought I’d lost my mind, and maybe I had. Or perhaps, I’d finally found it. But I have to be honest: it was really, really lonely. All those years I’d turned to partying and men to fill that void, and now that I’d given up all my vices, I only had myself.

While I felt closer to my truth than ever before, I’d also found myself in entirely unfamiliar territory — with no one to turn to for guidance. Where were the healthy models of self-esteem? Where were the fearless AF women who weren’t ashamed of their bodies or their boldness? Where were my wacky, spiritual soul sisters who I could link arms with and change the game for good??

So, with no one else to light the way, I took a solo voyage into the unknown.

In an effort to understand this new (old?) me better, I went off to India and studied meditation, yoga and philosophy. I had a series of awakenings that ignited my devotion to my body and soul. And I realized with 10000000% certainty that, for the first time possibly ever, I fucking loved myself.


I was completely whole as I was. I always had been and always would be. It was my eureka moment. That’s when the clouds parted and life got VERY interesting.

I felt free. Juicy. Passionate. Driven. Alive.

As I fell deeper and deeper in love with myself, other people began to ask me if I could help them love themselves too. I took everything I’d learned about self love, mindset, food, freedom, embodiment and manifesting, I launched this business in full flow, and I haven’t looked back since.

I’ve held Infinite Self Love retreats in Ibiza and Bali, spoken at global events from the UK to Burning Man, and personally coached hundreds of women on how to let their love for themselves fuel a life beyond their wildest dreams. I’ve watched in awe the past 3 years as this ripple effect has swept out and taken over, and I won’t quit until I’ve helped a billion women feel the way I feel: empowered, worthy and free to be who they truly are.

Are you ready to start your own self-love journey?

Craving a little more, are you? Wink wink.
Here are a few fun facts about me:

✔ I am a Burner through and through AKA I pilgrimage each year to Burning Man in Black Rock City to be part of this wild, participatory, immersive, experiment in creative self expression – and was even blessed to give self-love and manifestation workshops there in 2018 and 2019.

✔ I split my time between Venice beach – Cali, the UK, Bali and lots of other places for events and speeches. I usually get Itchy feet after 3 months ha.

✔ I am obsessed with other people’s pets (haven’t got my own – traveller probz) and babies absolutely love me. As soon as dogs can travel easily with me on planes without quarantine I’m getting a golden retriever and calling her Honey. (Come on airlines, location independent people want pets too!)

✔ I believe that you are the centre of your universe. Anything is possible as long as you believe it is. How empowering is that?!!!! We can talk something/anything into creation. Done it so many times, try it!

✔ I’ve never had a coffee in my life. Sometimes people say ‘this coffee will be the best of your life’ and I laugh and think well yeah it would be! (The only one) 😂

✔ Winking at yourself in the mirror does wonders and given the right tools Every woman can experience self love. Even you!

Client Love

Gina is a powerful force for celebrating and recognizing the unique internal beauty we all have. She is committed that everyone understands their value, sees their worth, and joyously explores the inner workings so they can become what they have always wanted to be. If you feel like you are trapped in a dark space and want liberation…Gina can guide you to see that you are just in a cocoon and help you break out to be your butterfly-self all the world is waiting for…Thank you Gina for doing this work!

Colleen Schell

Feeling so radiant & happy! I cannot even begin to describe my magical adventure in Bali for Gina Swire’s #SelfLoveRetreat. I can feel so much has shifted, released and transformed I met some amazing women, laughed, cried, tried new things and experienced incredible growth. Thank you for this incredible week Gina!

Jined Lamata

I am so shocked, happy, excited, giddy… all the feels!! And I believe that manifesting self love works! It seemed woo-woo at first, but NOPE. I am a now believer. I can’t deny three huge manifestations coming true in just the short amount of time I have been here working through this program.

And Gina Swire, I am unbelievably grateful for your love and guidance through all of this. You are one amazing person. You’ve definitely changed my life through your teachings. And I’m not even done with the course yet!! <3 Can’t wait for more to come 🙂

Chelsie Orlofske – Manifesting self love program.

Gina helped me so much. She is truly a rare gem on this earth. I needed help with a few issues I had and she knew exactly how to show me the doors to walk through. Since having a call with Gina I have never felt so relaxed and calm about my life now. surrendering to the universe, she shown me show and she guided be every step. I am truly grateful thank you Gina xxx

Pip Leslie, Coach

The weekend was wonderful. I’m still soaking in all the awesomeness! Thanks for creating such an amazing experience. I feel utterly grateful to have been part of it.


You’ve literally just helped me change my life. I’m so happy you are my coach and I’m learning from the best. I’m so lad I trusted in working with you and you trusted in me.

Lauren Fraser

I’ve worked with so many coaches and I’ve spent soooo much money and never seen results. But finally I’m seeing big transformation and results.

Arwa Siraj

You were the reason my life turned around when it did. You showed me a better way and it changed absolutely everything.

Nikki Bott

Gina, I cannot thank you enough for being the catalyst that has finally made me look at this pattern of loving & forgiving others while withholding from *me*. Back to the beginning I go.

Sandra Dee

I feel the best I’ve ever felt, I just wish I’d known about this my whole life. I’m learning so much!


I feel I should let you know how much your 4 week self love course has changed me. I did the vision board one first then purchased this. Firstly I loved them and even though I’ve read all the books and done another course. Nothing has worked. Since doing your course I quit a job I didn’t feel valued in and I’ve literally got so many offers of work. I’ve been able to let go of past hurts and have manifested a huge friends/family trip to Australia and I feel amazing. Thank you so much for the work you do. It’s been great.


A week after I landed Gina called me with an exciting offer (invite to her retreat) and without hesitation I said YES. A full embodied yes. The greatest yes I have ever said because I felt more joy and enthusiasm than I ever have before.


Thank you so much Gina! You and the other girls and everything we did in those 7days helped me open up my eyes so much!!! I’m forever grateful.

Lyga Ivanovska

It was life-changing. Gina, thank you from my loving heart for guiding us all to a new perspective. I loved every single minute of it and feel so grateful to have partaken.

Sandra Dee

Working with Gina on becoming a coach was the best thing I could have done as she literally whips my ass into gear (in a friendly way) it made me realise how important it is to have a coach and how much impact I can have with my own clients.

Nikki Loots, SA


Gina Swire is a self-love expert, mentor, and manifesting queen on a global mission to help a billion women fall madly in love with themselves. After struggling with her own self-worth and image issues, Gina quit her career as a plus-size model at the height of her fame in order to embark on her own journey of transformation.

Today she travels the world leading live workshops, hosting retreats, coaching private clients, and speaking on stages from Burning Man to Bali, as she inspires women everywhere to love themselves, love their lives, and use it all to do good for the planet.

Her work has been featured in Vogue Magazine, Elephant Journal, Yoga Guide Magazine and Psychologies magazine. You can learn more about Gina at her Instagram page and become a part of this self love movement by joining the community.