12 Step Self Love Transformation - GINA SWIRE

Imagine looking in the mirror and seeing just how powerful you are.


We’ve been conditioned to focus on lack and imperfection.

But a self-love transformation reconnects you to who you really are:

An expansive, creative, empowered, abundant, divinely guided MIRACLE who can create anything you want in your life.


So why does it feel like such a struggle?

There’s a self-help industry that makes billions every year telling you that you’re broken…

There are endless programs and books out there trying to help you “fix” what’s wrong – lose weight, advance your career, find a romantic partner, become a better parent, manage your finances…

And yet FEW people actually ever ACHIEVE what they want. WHYYY?

Self-Love is the Missing Piece.

Really important step: watch these videos. You will be able to get much more of a feel for if this is right for you from our lovely past students.

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If you’re feeling like 

“I never have enough time” 

“I’m sick of always being broke” 

“I can’t stop being rejected”

 “This isn’t how I thought my life would be” 

“I miss the old me. How do I get her back?”

 “I can’t stop comparing myself and it’s draining all my energy” 

“I feel so gross in my body. I wish I could be completely different.” 

You are not alone.

Hi, I’m Gina.

Self-love mentor and bestselling author of PS I Love Me.

For a long time, it looked like I had it all. I was a plus size model, working for major brands around the world. But I knew something was missing.

I quit modelling at the peak of my career and found myself on a quest for self-love…

My journey took me around the world and I found a trail of breadcrumbs that led me to an epiphany that changed everything…

"I’m whole, I’m home, I don’t need to change anything"

I had travelled the world to discover that everything I needed had been inside me all along! But I hadn’t been able to access it because I didn’t know how to truly love myself.

We are only able to receive love at the level we love ourselves.

Perhaps a lack of self-love is also blocking you from getting what you really want… a deeply committed relationship, a vibrant, healthy body that you feel confident in, a fulfilling career, a deep sense of passion and purpose, life-enhancing sisterhood connections… 

or maybe you have what you’ve always wanted but you haven’t learned how to fully receive it…

When I began incorporating self-love practices into my life, I was able to….

Replace loneliness with love.

Stop berating myself and start trusting myself.

Manifest like a pro.

Tap into love anytime, anywhere.

Attract like-minded friends who want the best for me.

Experience profound romantic love and become multi-orga$mic.

Harmonise my body so binge eating became a thing of the past.

Travel the world to my heart’s desire.

Become a bestselling author.

AND create an amazing heart-centred business where I get to help people every single day have results like these:​

Reconnect with the miracle you already are.

Bypass years of struggle and welcome an abundance of flow, humour and grace into your life with your own 12 step self-love transformation…

Over the course of twelve weeks, you’ll receive a selection of video workshops, lessons, specially curated resource videos and bonus materials as well as workbooks, journaling prompts and exercises to support the video content and propel your transformation.

There will also be fortnightly group coaching sessions with me and my senior coaches.

Too busy?

Although this is a 12 week programme, if you join today you’ll get lifetime access and can follow along every time the programme restarts.

Here’s a bite-size taste of what you’ll learn in the program:

✨ How to forgive and release past hurts and free up space for love to flow in.

✨ My simple 4-step decision making process to help you gain instant clarity from a heart-centred place.

✨ A 4-word “magic question” that allows you to instantly cut through your self-imposed blocks and move to a place of empowerment.

✨ My “wheel of emotions” visual tool that works at a glance to help bring awareness to what’s really going on for you.

✨ How to have FUN with the voice in your head (hint: when you do this it INSTANTLY changes the dynamic, so your inner voice goes from bully to cheerleader!).

✨ How to “flip the switch” from self-hate to self-love.

✨ Discover why you should carry around a picture of yourself as a child.

✨ A simple exercise to help you see problems and challenges as positive (and how to approach them with humour).

✨ 7 different ways to listen to your intuition and trust yourself more.

✨ My “let’s get weird” exercise which enables you to celebrate your quirks instead of hiding them…

✨ My powerful body acceptance exercise.

✨ A potent exercise which allows you to turn up the thermostat of self-worth.

✨ My tried and tested guide to refer to when times get tough so that you can always come back safely to self-love.

✨ The “Breadcrumbs Process” to help you see which direction the universe wants you to go in (this will give you so much clarity on the things you may have been ignoring that are usually hiding in plain sight!).

✨ Self-love Ikigai – the “fill in the blanks” Japanese principle for finding purpose and meaning. The first time I was introduced to this it changed the trajectory of my life, so obviously I’ve included it for you 😜.

Plus, you’ll get access to:

– Downloadable MP3s
– Bonus resources
– Workbooks
– Private NEXT-LEVEL Facebook community
– Fortnightly live group coaching calls

Once you put these 12 steps into practice you’ll experience:

– More confidence
– Deeper, more soulful relationships
– More opportunities and wealth
– More vital energy than ever before and the total pleasure of being in your body!

Just like my successful clients. This could be you!

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You'll also get these MEGA JUICY bonuses!

Bonus 1 – BRAND NEW 3-part wealth activation

✨Discover what’s been c*ck-blocking you.

✨Realign to a whole new money mindset.

✨Become a magnet to ££££££$$$$$$!

Hint, the key is self-love 💕

Once you’ve received this wealth activation, your money mindset will be transformed. I’ll teach you how to release your money blocks, so you start attracting the abundance you deserve.

When you use these techniques, you’ll be able to see what has been holding you back and, with this wisdom, the game will be changed. You will be able to open the channels to receive more abundance, money, gifts, opportunities, helpful people, health and wealth.

And you won’t have to be in fear mode anymore. You won’t be floundering, hoping to magically get more abundance… you will have a PLAN and some cool new feng shui anchors in your home (everybody loves this part!)

(Value £1995 but the shift you’ll receive is priceless!) Included with 12 STEP SELF LOVE TRANSFORMATION.

Boners 2 – BRAND NEW Becoming Multiorga$mic

For so many years I had “good” s€x and would reach climax. But when I went on my own self-love and body acceptance adventures, I went from believing that being multiorgan$mic was for some “special” women to realising, it’s available for ALL WOMEN! 

As part of my self-love teachings, I’ve shared THIS GOLD. It’s my most edgy, most taboo, most exciting workshop ever and I’m so excited to be sharing it here with you!

(Value: a lifetime of endless pleasure… well how much is that worth to you?! 😜) Included with 12 STEP SELF LOVE TRANSFORMATION.

Bonus 3 – BRAND NEW Conscious Language 

Our choice of language casts spells all day long and learning the psychology behind it is fascinating. 

Quit manifesting what you don’t want by drawing your attention to your own programs and start adjusting your words to massively assist your self- love journey and speak your best self into existence

(Value £399 and you won’t stop consciously talking about it!) Included with 12 STEP SELF LOVE TRANSFORMATION.

Bonus 4 – Health Activation

Activate your health and create more energy to do the things you love. Create more vitality to share with your children, loved ones, your work and your mission. So when you wake up in the morning, the first thing you do is connect with your powerful body, thank her for all that she does for you and feel excited about the day ahead. 

(Value: health is wealth as they say 😆) Included with 12 STEP SELF LOVE TRANSFORMATION.

Bonus 5 – Time Magic

You’ll get the tools to rid yourself of time worries. I’ll teach you how to stretch time to your advantage. When you use these techniques, you’ll become a time-defying superhero (and you’ll understand how Beyoncé manages to fit everything into her day!) 

You won’t have to feel burnt out at the end of the day with a million things still to do. You won’t have to pick and choose between your passion projects and your regular commitments.

You’ll get to do more of what you love without feeling drained. You’ll be in alignment and your cup will be full of self-love so you’ll have more energy to share with others.

(Timeless value £149)  Included with 12 STEP SELF LOVE TRANSFORMATION. 

That’s a total value of £2,543!!! Yay to abundance!

You’ll also get:

  • Workshop: Create a badass vision board and upgrade your life.
  • – Guided practice: expand your energy kundalini yoga practice.
  • – Workshop: Abundance magnet.

These are the official bonuses. However, we will be adding extra boners and new resources throughout. This really is the gift that keeps on coming. 😉

At the start of every programme, I always set an intention for everyone to manifest their entire investment back, and then some 😜, within the time that it takes to complete it.

We’ve got a thread in the group where everyone shares how they’ve manifested the money back and the stories are astonishing every single time! 

Please watch these videos. They will answer most questions you may have.

Got questions? Here are some answers

Epic video trainings which cover the 12 steps in easy manageable chunks, worksheets and checklists, amazing bonus resources, downloadable MP3s, private Facebook group support centre, 6 fortnightly LIVE self-love coaching calls with me and our senior coaches.

This course is the biggest gift I could ever create for you! It has completely transformed the lives of countless women due to the accountability, next-level community, extensive resources and group coaching. The book is a taster into the world of self-love and the programme shows you a whole universe. I like to think of the book as a delicious aperitif, whilst the programme offers you a gourmet banquet, with extra servings of dessert 😝.

Yes it’s very different, there’s lots more depth – as you’d expect from a longer course. The content and style is different.

Anybody who wishes to massively change their life. I believe this powerful work should be taught at school!

Over the years, I’ve coached many men and welcome everyone who wants to experience self-love. This course itself is open to all, however the Facebook community and live coaching calls are strictly for women only

We have lots of businesswomen in the course that smash it, so it’s proven to accelerate business growth and success, however you absolutely don’t need a business to join.

I’ve been privately teaching women for over half a decade, one-to-one, in group coaching programmes and retreats all over the world. I’ve been featured in Cosmopolitan and interviewed on American talk shows sharing my mission to empower women across the world to flip the script on self-doubt. I’ve also written a bestselling book on self-love, called PS I Love Me. I’ve immersed myself in this topic and this course teaches you step-by-step how to create a massive shift in a deeper way than you are likely to have ever seen on a course. That’s what makes it so transformational.


Absolutely! In fact, I’ve had many clients who’ve not had a partner in years and suddenly, with an increase in self-love, men are coming from all angles! We’ve also had multiple weddings and countless babies conceived, which may never have happened otherwise!

Yes it’s all completely confidential unless you volunteer to share your story. 

Absolutely not. It’s aimed at all levels, if you’ve done a lot of personal development already it will take you deeper at every stage. If you are new to everything, that’s also fantastic. Welcome! You are in for a really fast and fun learning curve.

Yes. It’s a hybrid of woo woo and science. Personally, I focus less on the science because I like to go by results. If it works it works. And it certainly works (have you watched the video testimonials on this page yet?).

It’s about an hour a week for twelve weeks to get the most out of the course. The more you put in the more you will get out though, so interacting in the FB group is great. You also have lifetime access, so if any life events come up along the way, you can finish it whenever works. Some ladies like to take a long time to consume it all. Some prefer the fast track. Which are you?

Yes! I’m really glad you’ve asked that. When you sign up for 12 Steps, you will be given an option to add three coaching sessions at the checkout. I also offer VIP one-to-one coaching packages. This is the highest level of support I offer. I only work with a very limited number of women at any one time, so it depends on availability. [At this the time of writing this, these spaces are fully booked.] For more info, please click here. [https://selflove.ginaswire.com/private-1-1-coaching-with-gina-1]

This is a specially curated programme, coaching and support system. Step-by-step specialised guidance and information with actual practical steps to help you FLOURISH. The information available online is extremely basic around self-love. I like to share the concepts through my own funny stories and experience too, which all the past groups have loved!

I draw on a wide range of modalities and life experiences to bring you this course. I am a certified health coach and a life coach. As well as a 500hr advanced registered yoga teacher and meditation teacher. I have seven years of experience and have coached thousands of women specifically on this topic. I’ve written a book about it and spoken on many stages from Bali Spirit festival to Burning Man to morning TV in Los Angeles.

Yes absolutely, I want you to be completely thrilled with your purchase. You can try this risk-free for 14 days with our 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE. From your date of purchase, you have a full 14 days to work with me and my team and see if the 12 STEP SELF LOVE TRANSFORMATION is right for you. If it’s not right for you, I’ll gladly refund your money. No questions, no hassles, no hard feelings.

You have access to our private Facebook group support system. These groups are fantastic and offer full time care. You can also ask me personally or our senior coach on one of our fortnightly coaching calls. Or you can upgrade to Platinum and have access to my loving support and guidance 24/7.

There are no coincidences. There is a reason you’ve read all the way to the end of this page. There is a reason you’ve been drawn here today, to me, exactly as you are. The first step is often the hardest. The buzz you will receive when you take action and prioritise yourself (from experience) will be astounding!

I have dedicated my life to this work, for women to rise together. I will take very good care of your heart.

Let’s rise together.

I’m so excited to meet you.