12 Step Self Love Transformation – April 2021 - GINA SWIRE

Finally! Fall Madly in Love With YOURSELF…

And Attract Love, Health, Abundance, Balance, and Joy Into Your Life!

12 Steps is BACK and it’s juicer than ever!

We’ve included a BRAND NEW BONUS you will absolutely not want to miss (hint – it will make you go OOoOoOooo 😜) as well as extra potent practices, rituals and resources.

Radically reconfigure your life. The time is NOW.

Let Me Guide You Through the 12 Steps to Self Love…

Are You Ready to Use Self Love to Enable Life to Give YOU What You Want?

Are you looking for true happiness and fulfilment in your life? Well, who isn’t?!

We all want to be happy, feel loved, love how we look, and feel abundance in our everyday lives.

So why does it feel like such a struggle?

Why is there a self help industry that makes billions every year telling you that you’re broken…

And why are there endless programs and books out there to “fix” what’s wrong?

Lose weight, advance your career, find a romantic partner, become a better parent, manage your finances…

And most importantly…why do so FEW people actually ACHIEVE what they want? 

Self Love is the Missing Piece

If you’re feeling like

“Help! I miss the old me. How do I get her back?”

“Ugh. I can’t stop comparing myself and it’s draining aaall my energy!”

“Yuck. I feel really ‘meh’ in my body. I wish I could feel more confident.”

As soon as we try to FIX what’s broken…we end up focusing too much on the problem itself, and we don’t end up getting what we want. 

The more we think about what we don’t want, the more we attract precisely that. 

So, for example, if you’re looking for a committed relationship, and you spend time pondering why everyone seems to be so emotionally unavailable…

That’s EXACTLY who you’re going to attract into your life!

GET STARTED NOW for £997 (one-time payment) OR

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I get it because I’ve been there.

Hi, I’m Gina.

Your future self love mentor and bestselling author of PS I Love Me.

For a long time, from the outside looking in, it looked like I had it all. And it’s not that I didn’t. But it definitely didn’t feel as good as I thought I was supposed to feel, on the inside.

Which is why I QUIT my successful career as a plus size model at the peak of my career. Everyone thought I was completely crazy, but I knew something major was missing in my life. So I went on a quest to figure out what that was. 

My Self Love journey took me around the world to India, Bali, Thailand, Ibiza, and America – and what I found was a trail of breadcrumbs that led me to an epiphany: 

I’m whole, I’m home, I don’t need to change anything.

And guess what, SO ARE YOU!

I had to travel the world to discover that I actually had love all around me all along!

But I was blocked from receiving it because I didn’t love myself fully. Hence, why I couldn’t find it. 

We are only able to receive love at the level we love ourselves.

I’m going to repeat that one more time: 

We are only able to receive love at the level we love ourselves.

Perhaps the lack of self love is also blocking you from getting what you want: a juicy relationship with your partner, a healthy vibrant body that you feel confident in, a fulfilling career, and a passion-filled life path.

Countless successful and impactful people, from Oprah, to Emma Watson, to Amy Schumer, to Mel B, to Ashley Graham, have talked about the importance of self love on their journey.

I have a belly. And I have cellulite. And I still deserve love.

Amy Schumer

You must be fearless enough to give yourself the love you did not receive.

Oprah Winfrey

The world will see you the way you see you, and treat you the way you treat yourself.


I want to be the person who feels great in her body and can say that she loves it and doesn’t want to change anything.

Emma Watson

When I Did This, Everything Changed

After I began incorporating these self love practices into my life, I was able to….

Replace loneliness with love… 

Stop berating myself about everything and start trusting that everything was perfect. When I did that I started manifesting like a pro…

Was able to tap into love anytime anywhere… 

Attract like-minded friends everywhere I go who want the best for me…

I met an amazing man 2 weeks after my epiphany and we had the most loving relationship…

My body harmonised and binge eating became a thing of the past…

I travelled the world to my heart’s desire…

AND I started my amazing heart-centred business and I get to help people every single day to have results like these:

Gina is an incredible coach and human being. She spreads her amazing light and the message that every woman should hear: you should love yourself first. Not only does she tell you to love yourself but actually helps you unravel the blocks that are holding you back and gives you tools to practice self acceptance and love.

Osha Key

Thanks for creating such an incredible experience. I feel utterly grateful to have been part of it.

Josie Titloye - Lancashire

I see myself differently! It’s about knowing that I am always enough – whatever weight! And since realising that; I make better choices for ME!

Rachel Hoy

But I knew I had to reach MORE people with this message – and I wanted to make it step-by-step simple for ANYONE to take the power back into their life through Self Love. 

So if you’re ready to step into a greater vision for your life…it starts with LOVING yourself once and for all.

Let me show you how with…

Working with my clients I always found it easy to invite them to practice self love, but struggled to give it to myself. I told myself to just practice it…but it didn’t work. Fast forward today, and my self-worth has really stepped up. I find it so much easier to create boundaries and ask for what I want. I legit feel like a QUEEN and I believe that I am the CEO of my life! Best of all, I am my own best friend now. I KNOW I’m worthy of everything that I want and I have complete faith and trust in the Universe that everything is happening for a reason. THANK YOU, Gina!🙏


Omg, the course has completely exceeded all of my expectations! Before joining 12-step self love transformation I felt being held back… my relationships were failing and I felt unclear on what I want in my future. The course has helped me to view myself in a completely different way! My relationships are improving, my boundaries are becoming healthy and I’m no longer at war with myself, my body and my food! I have found a new kind of FREEDOM and SELF BELIEF – and I’m so excited for more!


This is a broken down synopsis of everything I’ve learned and taught put into the most easy to follow step-by-step formula that you could ever imagine. All the juice without the pulp.

If the truth be told, this was the exact course I could have really done with back then!

Throughout this process, every aspect of what creates a healthy relationship with yourself is uncovered. The script you’ve been running is about to be flipped.

Each module comes along with a short, concise workbook with powerful exercises, hacks and practices so you can experience the quantum shift you have been wishing for.

When you join, you’ll get access to the learning portal where you’ll receive new modules every single week.

Everything is broken down into a step-by-step process with fun exercises and practices that will empower you; giving you everything you need to emerge from Lockdown feeling confident, focused and ready.

Here’s a bite-size taste of what you’ll learn in the program:

  • How to forgive and release past hurts, and in the process free up space for love to flow in…
  • My simple 4-step decision making process to help you gain instant clarity from a heart-centred place.
  • A 4-word “magic question” that allows you to instantly cut through your self-imposed blocks and move to a place of empowerment.
  • Get my “wheel of emotions” visual tool that works at a glance to help bring awareness to what’s really going on for you.
  • How to have FUN with the voice in your head (hint: when you do this it INSTANTLY changes the dynamic, so your inner voice goes from bully to cheerleader!).
  • How to “flip the switch” from self hate to Self Love…
  • Discover why you should carry around a picture of yourself as a child.
  • A simple exercise to help you see problems and challenges as positive (and how to approach them with humour).
  • 7 different ways to listen to your intuition and trust yourself more.
  • My “let’s get weird” exercise enables you celebrate your quirks instead of hiding them…
  • My powerful body acceptance exercise. I do this on retreats and it completely changes the game (you could feel slightly confronted but it’s so worth it!).
  • The quick visual exercise to address worthiness head on, allowing you to turn up the thermostat of self worth.
  • Self Love SOS for the Hard Times – my tried and tested guide to refer to anytime that times get tough so that you can come back safely to Self Love.
  • The “Breadcrumbs Process” to help you see which direction the universe wants you to go in (this will give you so much clarity on the things you may have been ignoring that are usually hiding in plain sight!).
  • Self love Ikigai – the “fill in the blanks” Japanese principle for finding purpose and meaning. The first time I was introduced to this it changed the trajectory of my life, so obviously I’ve included it for you 😜.
  • The brand new bonus you will absolutely not want to miss as well as extra potent practices, rituals and resources all new for autumn 2021.

And MUCH more!

Plus, you’ll get access to: 

Epic Customer Support

Bonus Resources

Monthly LIVE Self Love Coaching Calls with Gina

Downloadable MP3s

Worksheets & Checklists

Private bustling Facebook Group

Once you put these 12 steps into practice you’ll experience:

More confidence

Deeper, more soulful relationships

More opportunities and wealth

More vital energy than ever before and the total pleasure of being in your body!

Just like my successful clients.

This could be you!

I am so shocked, happy, excited, giddy… all the feels!! And I believe that self love works! It seemed woo-woo at first, but NOPE. I am now a believer. I can’t deny three huge manifestations coming true in just the short amount of time I have been here working through this program.

And Gina Swire, I am unbelievably grateful for your love and guidance through all of this. You are one amazing person. You’ve definitely changed my life through your teachings. And I’m not even done with the course yet!! <3 Can’t wait for more to come 🙂

Chelsie Orlofske

Feeling soooo much better after tonights call. Thank you all. It wasn’t daunting as daunting as I thought. Feeling very high vibe right now!

Hannah Jo Orrell - Sheffield (after our first group coaching session, included in the course!!)

Before joining I felt completely lost within myself and felt I had no purpose in life other than being a mum. Add to that various underlying issues that I had stored away and hadn’t properly dealt with. Right from day one this course has been just incredible! I found that digging deep into my past and my problems have massively helped and the support and amazing work from Gina has brought EVERYTHING TO LIGHT! Feeling relieved and grateful!


Before joining the 12-step program I felt stuck in an unhealthy pattern of looking for quick fixes/validation from men/ and love addiction – trying to magically wish all problems away! Taking the time to fully uncover my limiting beliefs and re-connecting with my true authentic self – was a real eye opener for me. Now I’m just bustling with ENERGY and Self Worth! I finally feel like I’m living my AUTHENTIC SELF!


I had very low self love and so much doubt about myself. Just not knowing how to step into my own power. But NOW everything makes so much sense. I know I’ve got this – what a RELIEF! The result I am most thrilled with is how I am now dealing with things and making sense of situations and what they are really about – instead of jumping the gun and blaming! In case you’re on the fence of joining? Do it! The 12-Step Program was an absolute GAME CHANGER for me!


Plus, I’m Including These Juicy Bonuses!




Here you’ll get the tools to rid yourself of time worries. I’ll teach you how to stretch time to your advantage. This is the perfect complement to the 12 STEP SELF LOVE TRANSFORMATION programme.

When you use these techniques you’ll become a time-defying superhero (and you’ll understand how Beyoncé manages to fit everything into her day!)

You will fit so much more of what you want into your day without feeling drained.

This is because it will all be aligned to you; your cup will get more and more full with Self Love so you have more energy to give away.

And you won’t have to feel burnt out at the end of the day and still have a million things to do. You won’t have to pick and choose between your passion projects and your regular commitments.

(Value £149) Included with 12 STEP SELF LOVE TRANSFORMATION



Once you’ve taken this training, your money mindset will be transformed. I’ll teach you how to release your money blocks, so you start attracting the abundance that you deserve.

When you use these techniques you’ll be able to see what has been holding you back and change it. You will be able to open the channels to receive more abundance in terms of money, gifts, opportunities, helpful people, health and wealth.

And you won’t have to be in fear mode anymore. You won’t be floundering, hoping to magically get more abundance… you will have a PLAN and also some cool new feng shui anchors in your home (everybody loves this part!)

(Value £225 but the shift you’ll receive is priceless!) Included with 12 STEP SELF LOVE TRANSFORMATION



This is the best performing video workshop that I’d ever created (pre-12 Steps), and the results you’ll get will be epic!

When you use these techniques you’ll create a vision board that actually works for you. Not just a fun thing to do, but a powerful tool to start knowing what you truly want from your heart and manifesting it.

I’ll show you exactly what to put on your vision board and how to avoid the most common “vision board mistakes”.

(Value £29) Included with 12 STEP SELF LOVE TRANSFORMATION



Insights into the powerful practice that I do every day that allows me to be a badass Self Lovery Goddess on a mission! Featuring my favourite kundalini master Rebecca Pflaum – this one is not to be missed!

What is kundalini anyway? This simple training helps you start channelling your life force energy into things that are useful in your life rather than blocking yourself and feeling powerless.

You will be able to breathe and move more easily and love yourself from the inside out. 

(Value £149) Included with 12 STEP SELF LOVE TRANSFORMATION



We’ve included a brand new bonus you will absolutely not want to miss (hint – it will make you go oooooooooo 😜) as well as extra potent practices, rituals and resources.

GET STARTED NOW for £997 (one-time payment) OR

6 monthly payments of £189 OR

12 monthly payments of £99

You can, try this risk-free for 14 days with our


It can be very frustrating to invest in many things yet still not gain the results you are after. This is why I have created this program and it’s why I offer such an exceptional guarantee. From your date of purchase you have a full 14 days to work with me and my team and see if the 12 STEP SELF LOVE TRANSFORMATION is right for you. If it’s not right for you, I’ll gladly refund your money.

No questions, No Hassles, No hard feelings.

Right now, you’ve got a choice…

So right now you’re at a crossroad. You can keep trying to “fix” what’s going wrong, without ever addressing the root, which is finally falling madly in love with yourself.

Or you can follow my simple step-by-step process and begin to see major shifts happening as you step into your true, amazing, perfectly imperfect self.

The choice is yours…

Hi Gina, haven’t ever messaged you before but I feel I should let you know how much your self love course has changed me. I did the vision board one first and then purchased this. Firstly I loved it, even though I’ve read all the books and done other courses. Nothing has worked. Since doing your course I quit a job I didn’t feel valued in and I’ve literally got so many offers of work. I’ve been able to let go of past hurts and have manifested a huge friend/family trip to Australia and I feel AMAZING. Thank you so much for the work you do. It’s been great. Xx

Victoria Sinacola - Manchester

I’ve worked with so many coaches and I’ve spent so much money and never seen results. But i’m finally seeing big transformation and results.

Arwa Siraj - Saudi Arabia

Before joining 12 step self love transformation, I really lacked self confidence! Something that I had struggled with for years, doubting myself and my abilities – not feeling enough. Working with Gina made me realise that I am enough as I am, MORE THAN ENOUGH!…and that I have unique gifts to share with the world and I should never dim my light to fit in! It has given me a deep sense of self belief and LOVE….and the CONFIDENCE to move forward with my business by being more visible.



I was always skint until I started working with Gina last year.  Money is now much less of an issue. I used to think to be spiritual having loads of money was greedy, selfish, like there was only a certain amount of money in the world, that if I took it, it wasn’t available for others.

Katie Mamo-Lewis - West Country, UK

I would say to anyone considering this course for any reason, just go for it.  Before this course I had some processes to deal with things but it would just be for a bit and then I would dip.  This course gives an amazing structure to a Self Love inner healing movement that gives you the most amazing feeling like you can do anything…I could not have met you at a better time.

Yasmin Marie - Derby

A little insight into the private Facebook Group 😁

It was life-changing. Gina, thank you from my loving heart for guiding us to a new perspective. I loved every single minute of it and feel so grateful to have partaken.

Dawn Thompson - Canada

You’ve literally just helped me to change my life. I’m so happy you are my coach and i’m learning from the best. I’m so glad I trusted in working with you.

Lauren Fraser - London

I feel the best I’ve felt, I just wish i’d known about this my whole life. I’m learning so much.

Katrina Mclaren - London (after week three of the 12 step course)

I feel like I’ve had a spiritual upgrade of sorts…..after being very emotional, low, having no energy and an eye problem the other week.  It is like a clearing has happened. I feel bright, inspired and creative. Since doing the course I realised I was holding on to a lot of old pain and not forgiving myself and others.  I wasn’t fully loving myself or trusting myself or my abilities and this has been keeping me small. I am feeling so fired up as you say, ‘more please’.

Lisa Middleton - Manchester

GET STARTED NOW for £997 (one-time payment)

OR 6 monthly payments of £189.


 What’s included in The 12 step Self Love Transformation?

Epic video trainings which cover the 12 steps in easy manageable chunks, worksheets and checklists, amazing bonus resources, downloadable MP3s, private Facebook group support centre, 4 live group coaching calls with Gina.


Is this very different content from your other 4 week course ‘Manifesting Self Love’?

Yes it’s very different, there’s lots more depth – as you’d expect from a longer course. The content and style is different.


Who is this program for?

Anybody who wishes to massively change their life. I believe this powerful work should be taught at school!


Is this a good course for me even if I don’t have a business?

Yes absolutely, this isn’t a business course. If business is your focus Self Love helps to build and grow it for sure. You absolutely don’t need a business to join.


I’m looking at a few courses right now — what makes yours different?

I’ve been privately teaching women for over half a decade, one-to-one, in group coaching programmes and retreats all over the world. I’ve been featured in Cosmopolitan and interviewed on American talk shows sharing my mission to empower women across the world to flip the script on self doubt. I’ve also written a bestselling book on self love, called PS I Love Me. 

I’ve immersed myself in this topic and this course teaches you step-by-step how to create a massive shift in a deeper way than you are likely to have ever seen on a course. That’s what makes it so transformational.


Will this work for me if I don’t have a partner or family?

Absolutely! In fact, I’ve had many clients who’ve not had a partner in years and suddenly, with an increase in self love, men are coming from all angles! We’ve also had 3 weddings and countless babies conceived which may never have happened otherwise.


Is it private apart from the ladies in the group? Are the case studies from ladies with their permission?

Yes it’s all completely confidential unless you volunteer to share your story.


I know a bit about Self Love already. Is The 12 Step Self Love Transformation just for beginners?

Absolutely not. It’s aimed at all levels, if you’ve done a lot of personal development already it will take you deeper at every stage. If you are new to everything, that’s also fantastic. Welcome! You are in for a really fast and fun learning curve.


I’m uncomfortable with anything “woo woo”. Is there science to back this up?

Yes. It’s a hybrid of woo woo and science. Personally, I focus less on the science because I like to go by results. If it works it works. And it certainly works (have you watched the video testimonials on this page yet?).


How much time will it take to get through the course?

About an hour a week to get the most out of the course. The more you put in the more you will get out though, so interacting in the FB group is great. You also have lifetime access, so if any life events come up along the way, you can finish it whenever works. Some ladies like to take a long time to consume it all. Some prefer the fast track. Which are you?


Can I hire you for coaching?

Yes! I’m really glad you’ve asked that. When you sign up for 12 Steps, you will be given an option to add three coaching sessions at the checkout. I also offer VIP one-to-one coaching packages. This is the highest level of support I offer. I only work with a very limited number of women at any one time, so it depends on availability. [At this the time of writing this, these spaces are fully booked.] For more info, please click here. 


Will I have lifetime access to The 12 Step Self Love Transformation?

Yes absolutely!


How is this different from free information I can find online about Self Love?

This is a specially curated program, coaching and support system. Step-by-step specialised guidance and information with actual practical steps to help you FLOURISH. The information available online is extremely basic around Self Love. I like to share the concepts through my own funny stories and experience too, which all the past groups have loved!


What makes you qualified to teach Self Love?

I draw on a wide range of modalities and life experiences to bring you this course. I am a certified health coach and a life coach. As well as a 500hr advanced registered yoga teacher and meditation teacher. I have six years of experience and have coached thousands of women specifically on this topic. I’ve written a book about it and spoken on many stages from Bali Spirit festival to Burning Man to morning TV in Los Angeles.


Do you offer refunds?

Yes absolutely, I want you to be completely thrilled by your purchase. If you have done the work and are not entirely happy with the course you can get your money back within 14 days, with no questions asked.


What do I do if I need support?

You have access to our private Facebook group support system. These groups are fantastic and offer full time care. You can also ask me personally on one of our monthly coaching calls.